Conversations ignite and initiate action.

Podium is a platform that brings speakers and seekers closer to have virtual conversations around social issues.

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Serving empathy and education virtually.

When it comes to social causes, there are lots of spontaneous, unorganized virtual conversations happening around the world, but how do you find out about them when these conversations are scattered around the internet? Or, say that you're planning to initiate a video conversation, but you don't know where to find the right audience. What do you do? 

Podium is that one place where you can go to initiate or participate in a conversation. In short Podium is virtual Eventbrite for Social Causes.

We all have something to offer and learn, our actions matter and we believe that conversations have the power to initiate and ignite actions.

How Does It Work?

Be a speaker

Speakers who want to talk and share their perspective create Podiums (video events).

Be a seeker

Seekers who want to listen, interact and learn join Podium created by speakers.

What Are People Saying?

"Podium is the platform much needed for our time. It's crucial now more than ever to build empathy, understand, and support. Podium makes this possible."

Naya Moss

Founder of Frauvis

"Podium’s vision is powerful. Understanding important issues starts with bringing together the realities of those living it everyday and providing a platform for actual conversation."

Kenneth Duke III

Creator of Living While Black

"Podium is the platform I wish I had years ago. For anyone seeking context and clarity on complex issues, it's a rich experience where understanding can be shared and empathy is assured."

Edmund Amoye

Host of CodeLess Podcast

"To solve a problem, you need to understand it and perceive it through the eyes of those enduring it. Podium combines the power of empathy and technology to provide the content and context we all need to understand and create solutions for each other."

Sarkis Buniatyan (Sako)

Founder. Product Designer.

Let the conversations begin!

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Want to support and learn about #blacklivesmatter?

The movement needs you! Support the organizations who are actively making a difference.

Be an ally by educating yourself with resources like articles, podcasts, books and more.

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PS: Proud to say that Podium is entirely being built on a no-code tool called Bildr


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Tips from the champions themselves.

A lot many people who have more WFH experience shared their take on how to setup workstations, form habits and more importantly handle the new way of working. Here are some tips/hacks from the pros themselves.

"In a gentle way, you can shake the world.' - Mahatma Gandhi

Be part of a bigger movement by taking a smaller action today.

Check out the tools/resources that make you productive.

Learn the best practices that helps you build systems.

Share your knowledge to make fellow #WFH workers life better.

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